Cleaning Costs

Marble floor cleaning is the process of cleaning the surface to remove light soiling. In some cases, the marble floors are not the problem, it’s the dirty grout. Dark grout lines will make the best marble look ugly and tarnished. Marble cleaning uses gentle cleaning pads and specially adapted marble cleaners. Nearly all chemical floor cleaner contain an ingredient that will damage marble, especially high gloss polished marble. Light cleaning will not remove scratches and damage or restore the polish to a damaged floor. It will remove ingrained dirt and it is a very effective in removing dirt caused by grout.

There are many issues that can cause a problem for marble floors. We will carefully examine the floor and explain the current condition. We will then propose the best way to bring your marble back to its best On completion of the works we will advise on best practice for maintaining the marble for the future.

Polishing Marble Floors

Marble polishing is a general term that describes a range of marble renovating services to restore a shiny, scratch and blemish free floor. The cost of marble floor polishing depends on the condition of the marble floor, which can be split into three general categories.

  • Good condition – Areas where the marble floors have dulled in areas with few light scratches and possible light etching.
  • Poor condition – Areas where extensive dull patches are present and containing many light scratches, and etch marks
  • Bad condition – Where areas are uneven, showing heavy wear with many scratches, etch marks and even possible holes from impact damage

We will need to visit and examine the floor to categorise it. However initial enquiries can be estimated if we receive quality photographs and plans or the area required.

Polishing Marble Floors Good Condition

The polishing process can remove scuffs and light scratches on light marbles, however if on really close inspection you may still see faint scratches, but they will be shiny and less visible. The cost can range from £10 to £16m2 based on 100m2.

Polishing Poor Marble Floors Poor Condition

This polishing process reinstates a deep shine, removes surface scratches, blemishes and minor damage. On poor surfaces the marble polishing starts by deep cleaning to help clean soil from the grout lines. The floor is then lightly cut using diamond honing tooling. The honing tools range from course to fine, just like sandpapers are used. Honing will remove scuffs and scratches on light marbles; however it will not get rid of lips at joints on uneven floors. The cost can range from £20 to £35m2 based on 100m2

Marble Floors Bad Condition

Most marble floors in a bad condition have suffered from poor maintenance. Joints can be uneven with lippage up to 4mm and the surface, more often than not is badly scratched and damaged.  On bad surfaces as with poor the marble polishing starts by deep cleaning to help clean soil from the grout lines. The floor is then cut using diamond tooling to remove lippage any damage is filled and the honing begins using tools that range from course to fine, just like sandpapers are used.
This process will achieve an even floor finish. The cost of this restoration is £45+m2 based on 100m2

After all polishing types we apply penetrating impregnating seal coats to help protect the floor against liquid spills and make it easier to keep clean. Please be advice that acid products and produce will etch the marble even after seal coats are applied. It is therefore important that spills of this nature are cleaned from the surface immediately.

Marble Polishing Grits Grading and Finish

  • Kitchens, bathrooms and closets, we recommend a 200 or 800 grit finish. This provides shine that resists showing light scratches and scuff marks.
  • If you prefer a deeper gloss, then the marble can be honed to a 3000 grit finish. This gives a deep high gloss and is better suited to visually high impact floors.
  • Marble comes in a multitude of colours and if you have dark marble such as a dark grey or black, then we recommended these are honed to 3000 grit. This will provide the clearest colour results.
  • To keep the in pristine condition we recommend the floor be re-polished and sealed annually.
  • If marble floors are not cleaned properly, they dull and fade over time.