19th February 2015

What is Marble Floor Cleaning?

Marble floor cleaning is the process of cleaning the surface to remove light soiling. In some cases, the marble floors are not the problem, it’s the dirty grout. Dark grout lines will make the best marble look ugly and tarnished. Marble cleaning uses gentle cleaning pads and specially adapted marble cleaners. Nearly all chemical floor cleaner contain an ingredient that will damage marble, especially high gloss polished marble. Light cleaning will not remove scratches and damage or restore the polish to a damaged floor. It will remove ingrained dirt and it is a very effective in removing dirt caused by grout.

There are many issues that can cause a problem for marble floors. We will carefully examine the floor and explain the current condition. We will then propose the best way to bring your marble back to its best.

On completion of the works we will advise on best practice for maintaining the marble for the future.

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